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Miller - Suspension Trauma Relief Strap

Miller - Suspension Trauma Relief Strap


Miller Relief Step Safety Devices - 9099

A Miller Relief Step attaches to each side of a full-body harness on the hip and are deployed by a fallen worker who sees that rescue may be at least a few minutes in coming. Suspension trauma affects the blood flow of a fallen worker and can serious injure the brain and the body's vital organs. The Relief Steps are polyester loops that the worker can step into once they are deployed so that the pressure is on the bottom of the feet and not on the straps across the main arteries in the legs.



  • Lightweight.
  • Webbing made of durable polyester.
  • Fits all types of full-body harnesses.
  • Provides relief from suspension trauma.

About Honeywell Miller

From harnesses to confined space systems, Miller specialises in all manner of fall protection products.


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Singapore 627676

(+65) 8778 3603

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