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bizSAFE 2 (WSQ)

Course Highlights

Workplace Safety & Health Control Measures (WSQ)

ASRETEC Singapore

bizSAFE level 2 - Workplace Safety & Health Control Measures (WSQ)

Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan - WPH-WSH-4075-1.1
The course will equip delegates with knowledge and skills to be a Risk Management Champions for the organization. Reducing risks at source by managing the management process at workplace. In recognition of bizSAFE level 2 by Workplace Safety and Health Council.

Course Highlights

  • Risk Management Concepts

  • Regulations & CoP for Risk Management

  • Risk Evaluation Methods & Procedures

  • Implementation of Control Measures

  • Hazard Identification Process

  • Risk Control Measures

  • Risk Communication

  • Developing Workplace Risk Management Plan

Benefits of being bizSAFE Certified

As safety and health incidents cause delays in projects, Stop-Work-Order, and financial losses, many clients prefer to work with companies that have sound WSH systems and practices. A bizSAFE certificate will help you expand your business opportunities as it is often an essential key requirement for both public & private contract tenders.

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