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Work At Height Supervisor Course

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Course Highlights


ASRETEC Singapore - Work At Height Supervisor Course
This course provides delegates with the requisite Work-At-Height (WAH) knowledge to supervise and manage WAH activities and prepare Permit-To Work (PTW).


This course is developed with reference to Curriculum Development Advisory(CDA) for the WAH course for Supervisors.

Identify relevant WSH regulations / Code of Practices and Singapore Standards applicable to WAH

Conduct Risk Assessment for WAH and implement preventive measures

Implement a Fall Prevention Plan (FPP)

Practical Syllabus


Pre-Use Inspection

Climbing with Twin Lanyards, Fall Arrester, Vertical and Horizontal lifeline

Identification of a fragile surface and avoidance of the fall hazard


Work At Height Worker Course


bizSAFE 2


asretec rescue after a fall course

Rescue After A Fall Course

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