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Confined Space Entry & Rescue Course

Course Highlights

Basic & Intermediate


ASRETEC Singapore - Confined Space Entry & Rescue Course 
This course will teach learners the use of the tripod/quadpod with either a winch or retractable & retrievable fall arrest block as a means of access to confined spaces. This course will also equip learners with the skills to conduct an emergency evacuation from either a horizontal or vertical confined space. The learner will use SCBA(Self-contained breathing apparatus) to enter a confined space to effect a rescue.

Course Highlights

  • Legislative Requirements

  • Introduction to Equipment Selection

  • Understanding confined space and work at height

  • Apply various techniques & procedures in rescue operations

  • Erecting Tripod/Quadpod

  • Role-Playing PTW System

  • Use of Access/Lowering System

  • Rescue Simulation

  • Unsafe Practices

  • Use of SCBA to enter confined spaces (Intermediate Course)


Work At Height Worker Course


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asretec rescue after a fall course

Rescue After A Fall Course

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