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Workplace Safety & Health Policy

ASRETEC - Access Safety Rescue

Asretec Pte Ltd, a leader in access, safety and rescue operations, is dedicated to ensuring the health, safety, and wellbeing of all our employees, clients, and visitors. Our commitment to a robust WSH culture is at the forefront of our business ethos.


Scope of Policy

This policy extends to all our operational premises, including administrative offices and operational fields, and covers all equipment and procedures.


Our Commitments

Provide Safe and Healthy Working Conditions:

We commit to maintaining a work environment that upholds the highest standards of health and safety. This includes regular audits, the provision of personal protective equipment, and the maintenance of all equipment to prevent accidents and incidents.


Framework for Setting WSH Objectives:

Our management is dedicated to developing a structured framework for setting and reviewing WSH objectives. These objectives will be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) and will align with our strategic direction.


Fulfill Legal and Other Requirements:

We pledge to stay abreast of and comply with all local and international legal requirements related to workplace safety and health. We will also adhere to any other requirements as applicable to our industry.


Eliminate Hazards and Reduce WSH Risks:

Proactive identification and mitigation of hazards is our priority. We will employ a systematic approach to risk assessment and implement measures to minimize the potential for harm.


Continual Improvement of the WSH Management System:

We are committed to the continuous enhancement of our WSH Management System (WSHMS), ensuring it evolves to meet new challenges and reflects best practices in safety and health management.

Consultation and Participation of Workers:

We recognize that consultation and active participation of our workers and their representatives are crucial. We encourage open communication and will regularly engage with our staff to seek their input on WSH matters.

Stakeholders Responsibility: 

  • Eliminate hazards and reduce WSH risks.

  • Eliminate and minimise terror threats by ensuring control measures are in place and embracing SgSecure movement.

  • Take all reasonably practicable measures for the safety and health of themselves and others and to report any unsafe condition and practices to appropriate person-in-charge for preventive and corrective action. 

  • Cooperate with the organisation by complying with the Workplace Safety and Health Act and Its Subsidiary Legislation and strive for continual improvement of the WSH management system.


Implementation and Review

This policy will be reviewed annually or following significant changes in our operations or in legal requirements. All levels of management are responsible for its implementation, and all employees are expected to cooperate and contribute to its success.


Through our collective efforts, we will achieve a workplace where safety and health hazards are effectively managed, and everyone can perform their duties confidently and securely.


Jonathan Wan

Managing Director

Asretec Pte Ltd


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