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What To Do When There’s A Fall From Height Incident

Your ability to properly react to an accident where either you or someone else fell from a height can spell the difference between a falling accident that’s less serious and one that’s serious. Doing so can help you reduce significantly any consequences of such an accident, whether it's psychological or physical. So what should you do when there’s a fall from height incident? Well, it depends on whether or not it’s you who fell or someone else.

If You’re The One Who Fell

If after falling you can sense that it’s still possible for you to get up on your own, you should first catch your breath and do a quick check of yourself for any injuries before attempting to get up. If you’re injured and you try to stand up without being aware of such an injury, you may just aggravate it. But if after checking you find that you’re injury free, then by all means get back up. Just take your time though and don’t be pressured to get back up as quickly as possible. When getting up after falling from a height, you should proceed by first lying on your side. Then, bend your leg that’s on top before lifting yourself on your hands or elbows. When you’ve done that, look for a sturdy object such as an armchair then pull yourself – still positioned on your side – towards that object. As soon as you’re very near that sturdy object, get yourself to a kneeling position while putting your hands on that sturdy object. Put your dominant or stronger leg in front and gradually stand up while holding on the sturdy object for support. If it’s a sturdy chair or low-rise table, turn around gradually and sit down on it. But what if you find yourself unable to stand up on your own? Stay down and call for help by shouting, using your radio or cellphone if you have one with you, gradually pull yourself to the nearest telephone if there’s one nearby, or make a lot of noise with whatever hard object you have in order to draw people’s attention.

If Someone Else Fell From A Height

While it’s very tempting to believe that the best way to help a person who fell from a height is to help them get back up quickly, it isn’t. The best way to proceed is to first check the person’s physical condition, e.g., is he conscious or not, or is he injured, and reassure him that you’re there to help him. If the person who fell seems to be able to get right back up, help the person do so with great care. How? Bring a sturdy object such as a chair close to the person. Then, help him turn to his side and bend the leg on top and assist him into assuming a semi-seated posture. After that, put yourself behind him and hold him by the hips to help him assume a kneeling position. Then, help him put both his hands on the sturdy object, put his stronger leg in front. Help him stand up as he holds on the sturdy object before turning him around to sit on it. If the person isn’t able to get up, the best thing to do is administer first aid, help him take a comfortable position, keep him warm with a blanket or clothing item, and call immediately for help. Do not attempt to help him stand up if he’s injured and can’t get up.

Be Prepared All The Time

The chances of minimizing the impact of accidents involving falling from heights can be greatly reduced with awareness on proper handling of such, regardless if it happens to you or someone else. With quick, decisive, and proper action immediately after falling accidents, you can help yourself or other people limit injuries suffered and speed up the healing and recovery process. Knowledge therefore, is power.

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